Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soon it will be Christmas Day

Meredith awoke cold. Her arm was not long itching as it was last night Pulling the covers closer she realized the room she was in was not her own. Looking around the room had a very masculine feel to it. The curtains were brown covering at least six long windows and blinds. The walls were a light brown with dark brown trim. The furnishings were in a rich mahogany and from what she could see of the bathroom it was also a rich marble brown.

The Queen Anne night stands and furnishings held pictures with lots of smiling faces. To her right was the most beautiful grand piano. Next to the piano was a extra large fire place left of the piano two huge doors stood. The fireplace looked as if it was hand carved. The mantle like the room was brown with intricate carving of children at play on side and wolves on the other. Preparing to investigate the beautiful fireplace, Meredith accidentally placed her hand on the remote next to her. The windows opened and Meredith saw the snow piled high. Shivering she made her way to the window.

The earth was quite. The tree lined street was covered in snow. The only thing that was not was the driveways. According to Molly the city had an underground heating system that melted snow on most streets and drive ways. Meredith shivered again as the door opened.

“Get back into the bed Meredith. It snowed at least 20 inches last night. I brought you to my room until I get the fireplaces going real good.

His arms full of wood, Zach began unloading and placing it in the extra large fireplace.

“Is the entire town snowed in? Is the electricity off? Meredith said as she hopped back in the bed her feet were freezing.

Throwing more wood on the fire he was lighting Zach took off his large jacket and hat sitting down next to the fireplace he began to talk.

“The entire town is covered and most of the electricity is off. We should be ok though. The town has invested in green power and we use the abundance of snow as electricity. It will take a few says for it to kick in though.

I have a lot of battery operated stuff if you want to watch TV or listen to the radio. I have a two year stock of batteries. I also have 20 generators that can be used if all else fails plus a large stock of wood is stored below every house. Every house and business in town has to be built with at least 3 fireplaces to ensure that folks don’t freeze to death in the long winters. Old man winters supplies firewood to folk before the winter starts and the rooms it’s stored in are specially built to ensure it does not dry out.

We stock up on food at the end of every summer just like folks did in the 1880’s. We store fresh fruits and vegetables in a root cellar that is accessible from inside the house. There is also a tunnel underground that allow residents to move about freely and visit. It also takes you to the local grocers. I’ll take you on a tour later this afternoon after we get the house warm enough for you to move around.

I hope you are not scared. Most winters are long and hard. Folks who choose to live in Centralia make preparations all year long to make sure we all make it through.
The roads should be passable in a few days. Until them we’ll use the ham radio communicate with everyone in town. IF you look over by the piano there is a list of check in times for everyone in town. That is one of the ways that the sheriff makes sure that everyone is safe.

Meredith looked at Zach and smiled as he stroked the fire still shivering she snuggled down in the bed and pulled the covers higher.

“My room is the easiest to heat quickly and also the most self contained. Behind the doors next to the piano there is a full kitchen and living room complete and separate from each other. When I had the house built I planned to use this part as a rental property. I liked it so much I never did.

The bottom is so big it takes the 4 fireplaces a little longer to get going. In about an hour you should be able to move around with no problem. So, what do you want to do while we wait? I can turn the TV or radio on if you like”

“I would love to know about the tunnels under the city.”

“The tunnels were built about one hundred years ago and connect most of the original houses and stores. Whenever new homes or businesses are built they also connect to the tunnel system.”

Zach began to explain more as the door opened and Molly minus the twins popped her head in.

“Zach, Justin is waiting on you downstairs. I am here to stay with Meredith till you come back. The B&B is having some problems with it’s fireplaces and all the men in town are meeting to help Jessie out.”

Putting his coat back on Zach tipped his hat and left the ladies alone.

“How are you feeling Meredith?”

“I am ok”

“Dare I ask why you are in Zach’s room or should I just assume you and Zach have taken your relationship to another level”

“Apparently after it began to snow Zach brought me here since this room is easiest to warm besides if you look over to the couch you’ll see that Zach sleep over there.
Smiling Molly began to speak again.

“Have you had a chance to explore? Yet

Shaking her head no. Meredith pushed the covers back to get out of the bed.

“Well come on let’s fix you and me some breakfast. Always Abigail should be here soon along with Mrs. Maloney. I sure Zach and the others will enjoy breakfast at the B&B.

Molly opened the twin doors and a wave of heat rushed in. Following her lead I was shocked at the beauty of the full kitchen. It had every appliance imaginable. Moving through it to the living room which was large and spacious was decorated in a red. The couches were modern with a distinct flair. The entire second floor was beautiful.

Sitting on one of the chairs next to the breakfast nook Meredith listened as Molly talked.

“You know Zach is a really good catch. I think he would make a great husband.” It was a constant topic all over town. Everyone wanted her to know how great a husband Zach would be.

“I know you’ve been cooped up for weeks. I was wondering if you would like to go shopping tomorrow through the tunnels for a few gifts for friends and even your grandparents if you like.”

A present for Zach what would she get him. Smiling she already knew.

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