Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Smiling as Dr. Seth x-rayed her hand Meredith was a little afraid and hurting. Tinsley stepped from the room seconds before announcing she would get her a shot for the pain. Looking over at the door instead of Tinsley coming it was Zach.

“You ok there honey dip.” Meredith’s face was twisted with pain and Zach could not help but feel guilty.

“Seth I think you should give her something for the pain. “

“Tinsley went to get her a shot”

“Is it broken Seth?” Looking up Seth pent Zach with a nasty look.

“It’s broken and the bad thing is she a south paw so she’s going to really need someone to care for her. I don’t want her to move her arm for at least 6 weeks.”

Exhaling Zach really felt guilty for the part he played in the accident that hurt Meredith.

Stepping from the room he called Molly Sims to get over to his place and prepare a room for Meredith and Always Abigail. He was almost sure Abs would fight the king on staying at his place preferring to stay at the B&B instead.

“Molly” He could almost see Molly eating popcorn and yelling at the twins as they ran around the room playing tag.

“Molly, I need you to head over to my place and prepare one of the downstairs rooms for a guess. Better yet I also need you to call Mrs. Maloney to come over and cook something for dinner and make the room presentable for a guest. Also can you get Deidra to come over and make sure there is no snow in the drive way.

“Zach, that sure is a lot of work for this time of evening I’ll call every one and get it done but gezz give a girl a little notice next time. Want to tell me what is going on”

Why was that everyone seemed to question him on why he was doing this or that? Molly was his employee not the other way around. After 16 years she should know how he worked. He was a barber by choice and owner of Zach’s Cuts a nationwide chain of barber shops. Unlike most owners he still worked as a barber and ran the business from his chair with the help of Molly and 3 others who started out with him when he opened.

“Look Molly, I need you to take charge and make sure things get done. I’ll need Mrs. Maloney to change her schedule and come in daily. I need you to call her. She does not like me and I don’t feel like fighting with her tonight”

God Mrs. Maloney was Abs twin. The woman was stubborn, an evil little imp and lets not forget direct but he loved her. She was his third mother. She keeps track of his house and often lectured him on finding a wife. The woman was a mince to him.

Looking up Always Abigail was leaving the room Meredith was in. From the look on her face she was not going to be staying at his place. It would be he and Meredith.

“I’ve spoken to your father and he has receded the decree that I stay at your place. For now it will be you and Meredith. I will be by daily to help out.”

He should have known. Whatever happens his father still had a soft spot for his mother and she often used that to her advantage. He was sure as he could be she was not behind this whole fiasco but one never knew with Abs. This time he was sure she was not involved since she was a party to the accident. Abs no matter what would not hurt anyone. This was fate and he accepted it as such.

“Ok, fine I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow Abs”. Smiling his mother reached out and hugged him and kissed him on the check. In Always Abigail fashion she disappeared just as quickly. Shaking his head he headed back to Meredith’s room when the phone rang.

Taking a deep breath he looked at the caller id and answered.


“Zach, what’s wrong I got a call from Molly asking me to come in everyday for the next 3 months. I know you’re dead if you did not call me personally to ask.”

It was Mrs. Maloney. The fates must hate him if they were allowing him to be plagued by her. The woman was bossy and told him what to do and expected it to be done no matter what. Sometimes days he wished he could fire her but each time he tried she called Jacques or Abs and he ended up in trouble.

Walking as she fussed his fangs extended as he watched Meredith smiling at Dr. Seth. Looking up Seth frowned. Ok, so he was none too happy Meredith seemed to like Seth.

“Mrs. Maloney if you don’t want to come I suggest you call Jacques. I am sure he will tell you that I need you now. The time we are wasting on the phone you could have did all I ask.” Hanging up he was sure that he would pay for this conversation when she saw him again.

Now to deal with Seth and Meredith.