Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Christmas Will Be A Very Special Christmas

Dr. Seth ignored them both as they started too bickered about whose fault the accident was. The sexy doctor examined Meredith and asked question. Declaring her well enough to get up helping her he asked that she by the hospital before she continue to her grandparents. He wanted to x-ray her wrist. With that being said he high tailed it from the scene before Always Abigail and Zach noticed.

Shaking her head at the still bickering pair Meredith crossed the street to the sheriff’s station. Taking a deep breath she opened the door. Greeted by the most wonderful sigh Meredith gasped. The sheriff’s station was decorated for Christmas. There was a huge tree decorated in green and white with bows and ribbons sparking with gifts under it. All four of the deputies’ desk had garland and lights trimming their desk. There was also a very large fire place decorated with garland and lights and on the mantle there was a collection of Christmas candles on one end and Santa’s on the next.

Stepping half way in Meredith smelled the most delicious scent of peanut butter and sugar cookies. The scents seemed to mix well with fresh smell of peppermint.

Closing the door as she walked in Meredith heard “Santa Claus Needs Some Loving” smiling she turned and saw a beautiful red head dancing and laughing with a man dressed in a Santa suit.

“Can I help you ma’am”

Turning toward the voice, Meredith took a step back. The voice belonged to another Centralia Giant. Were all the gorgeous men giants?

“I am Meredith, Meredith Matthews and I am looking for the Matthews Place” Just as she was talking Always Abigail and Zach burst into the office.

“Sam, Sam” Abs almost killed a teenager and now said teenager is missing. I told Jacques the women should be stopped from roaming around town in that sleigh. She ain’t Santie Claus why would she need a sleigh.”

“That is a lie Sam. I did not almost kill Meredith Matthews. This is all Zach’s fault he scared the poor dear and now she is out there alone with a possible head injury. Now that I think about it Sam, Sam, arrest Zach for attempted murder”

Always Abigail and Zach again started bickering as Sam the Giant tried to stop them. Realizing it was not going to happen he ushered Meredith in the office that said Parish Sheriff.

“Ma’am are you the one those two are arguing about” now that she was in the sheriff’s office she took a good look at Sam the Giant. He was good looking. He looked more like a bad boy biker than the sheriff.


“Can you tell me what happen, Meredith?” standing facing me he was even more beautiful. The sunlight danced off his curly hair. He was a sexy man in uniform.

“I arrived in town about an hour ago. Try as I might I could not find my grandparents place. So got out my car after realizing my cell phone was dead. I asked the giant I mean Zach how to get to my grandparents place, the Matthews. He thought I was a kid I got angry and started to walk over to your office. Then I decided to turn around and give him a piece of my mind. About that time the lady in pink came down the square and I in haste fell. It was no one’s fault but my own. I got mad. I let my temper get the best of me.”

Looking her up and down Sam the Giant sighed.

“You have any identification”

Pulling out my wallet I presented it to Deputy ”The Giant” Sam. Opening the wallet to my drivers’ license I knew a lecture about speeding was coming. Sam “The Giant” looked my license over to make sure it was real. Moving to the computer he feed the numbers in and then printed out the report. It should show that I am a speed demon.

“Well Ms. Matthews, I’d say you are a 35 year old woman who likes to drive fast. I suppose what you say is true about the accident.” Zach and Always Abigail are like two old dogs with a bone I am sure they will continue to blame each other. I suggest you sneak out the back way. First I am calling Dr. Seth to make sure your ok and don’t need medical attention.”

Nodding Sam went behind the desk to call Dr. Seth while I took a seat. Looking out the crack in the door I saw Zach and Always Abigail being lectured by a tall handsome man. Next to him stood a beautiful woman with long raven hair the stern look on her face was priceless. I could not hear what was being said but from the look on their faces whatever it was they were not pleased. Scooting my chair closer I began to listen.

“Zach you are as bad as Always Abigail. Both of you are trouble in your own way. What if that poor girl had been killed?”

“Jacques, it was not me it was Abs here that caused the problem. You have said it yourself many times the women is a menace to Centralia. I think you should lock Abs up in your dungeon." The smirk on his face said he was not serious. Hitting him, Always Abigail stuck out her tongue. The two fought like brother and sister.
Fuming Jacques turned to the woman and threw up his hands.

“Always Abigail, Zach, did you see where the woman went.” The raven haired women said gently she looking stern but sympathetic at the two co- conspirators.

“Sophia, I am not sure where she went. Zach and I got so wrapped up in placing blame she disappeared.”

“Did either of you call Dr. Seth”?

“I tried said Zach. But I got no answer.

“Oh, dear said Sophia. I hope the young lady is ok.”

The worried look on Always Abigail faces almost made me want to open the door and run to her. Hearing the receiver click into place Sam was finished with his call to Dr. Seth.

“Dr. Seth says your ok but he would like to check you out again. I suggest we go out the back door and let those two feel bad a little longer. I am texting King Jacques and Queen Sophia to let them know you are ok. I expect them to keep grilling those two. It’s no more than they deserve.

I kind of felt bad for Always Abigail the sweet women stood up for her. Zach however deserved whatever he get. It was his fault I fell. Speaking of falling, my hand was starting to throb. Maybe it was a good idea for me to go see Dr. Seth. It might not be broken but I suspect it’s sprang.

“Ok, I am ready. I really need to let my grandparents know that I am here and I am ok. I don’t what them to be alarmed that I am at the hospital.”

“I‘ll call Sheriff Shannon and have her go out to your grandparents place. I am sure they will appreciate knowing your ok.”

Sam the Giant grabbed my hand and led me to the backdoor. This starting a new life thing was going great so far. I was lost in a strange town, almost run over by a sleigh and now I was being led away by a giant. I forgot to mention the King and Queen.

Getting into the police cruiser Nat King Cole was singing the Christmas song.

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