Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Meredith Matthews smiled as she almost leaped across the courtyard. She was going to be Santa's Helper. Meredith had been wishing on stars for a long time that the fates would smile on her and her ever present crush Zach.

Zach only saw her as the little girl he helped when she moved to Centralia 4 years ago. Since moving to Centralia she had filled out and became a beautiul women instead of the shy recluse who met Zach the first day she arrived 4 years ago.

Twirling in the snow with a smile on her face. Meredith jumped up and down with happiness. Zach was playing Santa this year for the Annual Business Association Christmas Party. As president he had to have a helper. Try as she might no one considered her for the position.

She'd asked Zach several times but each time he'd said no it was not place for a sweet little "honey dip" like her. Why he insisted on calling her "honey dip" she would never know. It was only after she stormed out the bakery and bumped into Always Abigail that she was finally taken seriously. Always Always Abigail seeing how much she wanted the job made sure she got it.

Always Abigail lobbied King Jacques at the Thanksgiving celebration to intervine and he did. The King called Zach to personally recommend he select Meredith for his helper. Thought Meredith thought King Jacques did it to keep Always Abigail occupied and out of his affairs with Queen Sophia. Now matter how it happened Meredith was glad she would be Santa’s Helper this year.

Zach was not happy or impressed. For the last week he had given Meredith pissy looks.He also found out Always Abigail was involved and he was mad at her too.

Unlike most residents of Centralia Meredith liked Always Abigail. She appreciated her interference. All year long she made sure that Meredith and Zach spent lots of time getting to know each other.

She just wished she had not let Always Abigail sew her costume. The costume was terribly short. The elf costume was green trimmed in white fur. The two pieces were little more than scraps. Always Abigail also bought her a pair of stiletto boots that matched the little green elf costume.

Meredith started not to take the get up but she hated to disappoint Always Abigail. The glee on Always Abigail’s face when she arrived to try the costume on stopped Meredith from hurting Always Abigail’s feeling.

In all fairness Always Abigail had saw Meredith admiring one just like it at the strip mall weeks before.

Standing at the foot of the courthouse Meredith took a deep breath it was now or never. Tonight she would capture Zach’s heart.

Turing she looked up at the courthouse steps. Zach was standing there with that same pissed look he had worn all week.

Odd it was almost the same look he had on his face the first day they met 4 yeears ago. Smiling she began to remember the first day she arrived in Centralia

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