Saturday, December 18, 2010

It’s Lovely Weather For Sleigh Ride With You

“I hear your grandparents will be back next week”. Mrs. Maloney said as she checked the grits and turned the bacon over”

Zach in the other room stopped. He’d come back for his gloves. He should have known the paradise with Meredith would not last long. He’s enjoyed taking care of her

Last night after he finished scratching her inching arm she’d drifted off into a deep sleep as the snow began to fall. He’d left her on the couch until the call came through from Sheriff Shannon saying a nor ‘easterner was coming fast toward them.

Setting his room up for Meredith’s occupation he’d pulled out the electric blanket and brought her upstairs to make sure she was warm. Like the gentleman he was not he sleep on the pull out sofa. Watching Meredith sleep as the snow fell outside he fell asleep before he could start the fire.

Sitting down he realized he was not ready to let Meredith leave his house. He enjoyed the time they spent together talking or just watching the lights on the tree with a roaring fire blaze. In the short span of weeks Meredith was a part of his life he hated to let go of.

This is the first Christmas in a long time he was excited. He’d bought her gift weeks ago but every time they talked and he learned more about her he added to the treasure trove of gifts for her. He’d made plans for the two of them.

Present Day

Descending the courthouse stairs Zach watched as Meredith twirled in the snow laughing. He was happy that she was. It had taken him 4 years to realize his heart was not whole without the wacky women below.

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