Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

“Are you a Christmas angel” the twins asked together.

“No, I am Meredith a friend of Zach’s”.

“You look like an angel Mereday” the twins said together again.

“Come on boys let’s get Meredith some stew. Mlrs. Maloney point the boys back in the kitchen to help fix the bowls of stew.

Meredith rubbed her eyes and began looking around the room. Blinking again she saw the angel atop of the tree. Stepping close she realized the angel looked just like her. Turning to Zach she could not speak.

“I sent your picture to my decorator Tinsley. She made it tonight.”

Silent as her stomach growled. Meredith started to walk toward the smell of the delicious stew”

“Hi, I am Molly mother of the twins’ whose names are Derek and Erik by the way. I am also number one assistant of Zach. If you like I can help you change. Always Abigail sent me your size. All the clothes in the guest room are new and for you.

Smiling Meredith extended her good hand to Molly, mother of the twins and Zach’s number one assistant. She’d wondered about the closet full of clothes. They were all in her size.

Molly hit Zach to shake him out of his trance.

“You can eat in here Meredith I’ll set up a tray for you and Zach here can feed ya since he helped get you in this position.

Zach was still awe struck at how beautiful Meredith was. Taking a deep breath he moved to help set things up for Meredith. Stepping on the switch next to him the Christmas lights began to twinkle and play Christmas music. The switch also controlled the Lionel Train roped around the tree.

Meredith’s face began to glow as she watch the beautiful musical show. Zach hope that she would always have that looks.

In the present

Standing at the top the courthouse steps Zach watch as Meredith and the twins had a snow ball fight. They were 4 when they first met Meredith that night. Now they were 8and she was still their angel. Tonight he planned to propose to Meredith under the tree.

Meredith was still the most beautiful women in the world to him. It was the memories of their first Christmas that always made him smile at this time of year.

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